Keep baby safe by learning the ABCs of safe sleep. After you participate in education, you can pick up your new Pack ’n Play (crib) and gift bag. Families must be WIC eligible, in the last trimester of their pregnancy or have a new baby up to 1 year.

The safest way for baby to sleep: AloneBackCrib. – the ABCs of safe sleep. Click here to learn more. 

Breastfeeding has health benefits for both babies and mothers. Breast milk provides a baby with ideal nutrition and supports growth and development. Breastfeeding can also help protect baby and mom against certain illnesses and diseases.

An array of breastfeeding resources and support is available.

Click here for access to the Ohio statewide breastfeeding hotline.

For breastfeeding classes, lactation consultants, hospital lactation assistance, click here. 

To learn more about WIC: A supplemental public health nutrition program providing wholesome food, nutrition and breastfeeding education, referrals, and community support for women, families, or caregivers, click here.

Please use this list of local resources to help find
the support you need as you enter into parenthood.

Please use this list of education and awareness
to learn more as you enter into parenthood.